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June 30, 2009

the unicorn museum

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The Unicorn Museum presents a walk through history. Designed by a noted fantasy author, this state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the fantastical and highly implausible to life.

A fully engaging, sensory experience for intellectually undiscerning guests. Murals and realistic scenery, computer-generated visual effects, over fifty exotic animal-like replicas, life-sized giant and hill troll animatronics, and a special-effects theater complete with elven air conditioning and dwarven hand-crafted drink holders. These are just some of the impressive exhibits that everyone in your family will enjoy.



be my baby

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Surfs – Tu Seras Mi Baby

50’s doowop done in another tongue.

(yellow submarine is also at that link – Mustang – El submarino amarillo )

2-Year-Old Child Smokes & Curses In Sichuan

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2-year-old child who can’t even eat candy knows how to smoke skillfully and curse shocks people.

The user that made the post says, this video was recorded by a friend while he was eating barbecued fish; it was him that put it on the web. The child’s parents sell fish at a food market, and since there are some bad people there, the bad behavior of the adults present led to what we see in this video. The original poster also says that this child’s behavior fully illustrates the meaning of the saying “With good people you learn to be a good person, with bad people you learn to be a bad person.”


The innocent and angelic child is blameless. With the exception of a small number of people that take this as a form of entertainment, most people vehemently condemn the adults in this child’s life. Many people think this child’s parents are disgraceful, and many also insult those that stand and gawk at the scene for a laugh. This ruins the child, their conscious has completely disappeared.

[In the video] we only see the child dexterously take the cigarette tucked behind his ear, his right hand with a cigarette and his left holding up a lighter. Possibly because his hand isn’t strong enough, he flicks the lighter but fails to light the cigarette. The child simply places the cigarette directly in his mouth, both hands holding the lighter to light up the cigarette. After it’s lit, he uses all his strength to inhale twice, and then rests the cigarette between the index and middle fingers of his right hand. Glowing with pride, he starts smoking in front of the adults.

wayne smith – under me sleng teng

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i 1st heard this song on the paul devro mix that i posted a page or 2 back

it had the people going bannanas @ marie’s apt. pool.

dl @


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June 29, 2009


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origins of band names

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you and i

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