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July 30, 2014

Li Wei – no photoshop

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Li WeiLi WeiLi WeiLi Wei

Chinese artist Li Wei’s photographs defy gravity with himself often at the helm. They are the documentation of reality that involves sometimes-dangerous stunts that the artist says aren’t doctored by computers. Instead, he uses mirrors, wires, acrobatics, and more to give the illusion that people are flying and have transcended above cityscapes.

In a 2012 interview with The Creators Project, Wei says “we are all controlled by someone else. Our thoughts and actions are all controlled by an unseen force.” These images demonstrate an effort to break free of constraints and limitations, and teeter the line between fantasy and reality. Specifically, Wei is talking about the rapid change in China’s economy, but they hold a wider-reaching message. His photographs could be seen as a meditation on our consciousness, hopes, and desires of wanting complete freedom but having to live within the confines of society.



8 bit grunge

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Pearl Jam

Alice in Chains



Stone Temple Pilots

Mad Season



July 29, 2014


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by bob schneider


3155 (paper, acrylic, glue, ink and wood)

July 24, 2014

spill window

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SPILL WINDOW @ V & A in London

Friday evening through Opening Times

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I’ll be going to this - should include lovely stuff like the animation above there.

Opening Times is a digital art commissioning body and platform for online artworks. For the Shoreditch Takeover, Opening Times will be showcasing work from their current artist in residence Nicolas Sassoon. Sassoon’s work Pandora explores the representation of everyday space through computer based processes, often appearing in the form of animated GIFs.

You can find out more about the event at the V&A London here

July 22, 2014


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Date: 2014.07.15
Place: Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA


Japanese artist Azuma Makoto took his exhibit to another level and sent some plant life into space.

Titled Exobiotanica, the very temporary installation, featuring a 50-year-old pine, hovered about 90,000 feet above Black Rock Desert, Nev.. Makoto accomplished the feat with the help of JP Aerospace, a California-based, volunteer-run program that sends things into space.

The tree launched on a helium balloon equipped with still cameras and six GoPro video cameras tied in a ball that would record the trip in 360 degrees. The device also had GPS to track it once the balloon burst.



He also sent a bouquet with bright flowers to contrast against the dark pit of space.



Bodega x Saucony Elite ‘Polka Dot’ Pack

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Image of Bodega x Saucony Elite 'Polka Dot' Pack


Image of Bodega x Saucony Elite 'Polka Dot' Pack

cat curling

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July 21, 2014

sushi cats

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Neko Zushi A

Neko Zushi Poipoi

Sushi Cat Shakebu

Sushi Cat Meow Thick

Sushi Cat Ebinosuke

Sushi Cat Miyao

Sushi Cat Fever

Sushi Cat Chibi

Sushi Cat Margo

Sushi Cat Wasabi

Son Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat Maggie


July 17, 2014

David Skazaly

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Psychedelic GIFs

Psychedelic GIFsPsychedelic GIFsdavid skazaly



david skazalydavid skazalydavid skazalydavid skazalydavid skazaly


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