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May 22, 2012

max capacity

Filed under: animated .gifs, art, favorite posts — brentabousko @ 11:02 pm

X2138 (by Max Capacity +)

X2139-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

IMG_0704 (by Max Capacity +)

(via Rhizome | Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Television)

X2121 (by Max Capacity +)

X2114 (by Max Capacity +)

X2110 (by Max Capacity +)



X2119 (by Max Capacity +)

Well this GIF right here re-enforces my point… cyborgs don’t need reading glasses, and if it is for aesthetic purposes then they should rock sunglasses :)

i totally agree 100%

X2133 (by Max Capacity +)

X2106 (by Max Capacity +)

X2132-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

X2128-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

X2129-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

X2126-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

X2100-0000 (by Max Capacity +)

X2095 (by Max Capacity +)


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