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November 24, 2010

bread people

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via squincy jones

Osama Bun Laden (suggested by Alexandra Moon-Age)

Dill Rye the Science Rye (based on suggestion by J Massie)

Jonbeignet Ramsey (Suggested By skitterypigeon)

Jon Hammburger Bun (suggested by The Soft Master)

Stuffing Hawking (suggested by Victor)

2 Live Crouton (suggested by myskull)

Stevie Wonderbread (suggested by Jason J and Caitlin C)

Biscotti Pippen (suggested by Scott F)

Challah and Oates (suggested by Robyn L and Courtney P)

Mr. Tea Biscuit (suggested by George B)

Robert Boulet

Vigo the Carpastryian

Wheat Loaf

Biscuitz Markie

Bun Jovi

Pumpernickelas Cage

Estelle Baguettey

Condoleezza Slice

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